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I remember holidays with my family as a child and loved my parents camera. Yes it was film and had one of those rotating cubes that you stuck on the top corner as a flash. My mum loved a holiday snap. It sits pride of place in my old camera collection today. I guess that's probably where my first love of photography started. 

I was fortunate enough to have parents that believed in my creative skills enough to put me through art college, where I gained a BA(Hons) in Photography. My family never really had much, so some would say that might have been a slightly risky choice to encourage one of your children to pursue a career in the arts. However since they did I have made every effort to keep making my living doing the photography that I love.

It is truly my passion.

Really Lovely Photos is a recent development. Not having had a website dedicated totally to my own work for a while. I wanted to give myself a brand that I felt really showed off my work. Both my mum and sister agreed that I take "REALLY LOVELY PHOTOS" 

If my really lovely photos can help you succeed too then get in touch so we can work together.   ​



Tel: 07894545966


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